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Abetone pyramids


A symbol of the mountains of Pistoia

The Abetone pyramids are monuments that stand in the town centre of Abetone1,375 metres above sea level. They are symbols that marked the opening of the pass in the mid 1700s to celebrate the importance of this road that would go on to ensure thriving trade. One of the pyramids is situated in what was once the territory belonging to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, while the other one stands in the Duchy of Modena. Pietro Leopoldo and Francesco III financed the project.

The two pyramids were both shaped by Tuscan hands: the one in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany by Leonardo Ximenes, while Pietro Giardini crafted the one in Emilia. Made from stone, the monuments bear marble decoration and an inscription remembering the rulers of the state to which they belong. 

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