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Summer in Fiesole
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'Estate Fiesolana' – Summer in Fiesole

Theatre, music, cinema – a string of celebratory events

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The events are distributed evenly throughout June and July in various places: the Teatro Romano in Fiesole, Ridotto del Teatro Romano, Palazzina Mangani, Loggia della Badia Fiesolana, Chiesa di San Domenico a Fiesole, Cattedrale di Fiesole, Aula Magna del Seminario Vescovile. The programme of the Estate Fiesolana ('Summer in Fiesole') offers events concerning classical music, prose, cinema, jazz and art, concentrated in an intense period of dates. One of the latest innovations in honour of the 60th edition of the festival regards the planning of a more suitable stage for the Teatro Romano. This new project aims above all to exploit the archeological area and to emphasize the uniqueness of the place. The occasion of the 60th edition of the Festival provides a chance to inject a dose of enthusiasm and energy into the programmes of choice that represent a valid alternative to most of the cultural policies of the territory.


An ancient Etruscan city, a honeypot for art and literature lovers
Fiesole has always been a favorite destination for people seeking the classic Tuscany. While wild and neighboring the city, it also boasts an unforgettable hilltop view of Florence. Aristocratic and secluded, Fiesole is a well-kept secret. ...