Area naturale protetta a interesse locale Torrente Mensola

Torrente Mensola Nature Reserve

An itinerary among the Valdarno's natural richness

The Torrente Mensola nature reserve runs over 300 hectares from Montececeri, to the Fiesole hills, through Settignano to Guarlone. It is located between the cities of Fiesole and Florence and shares a border with the Montececeri nature reserve. The hilltop landscape is characterized by terraced olive groves, woods, medieval castles (like the Castello di Vincigliata and Castel di Poggi), small villages, Renaissance villas, churches and farm houses. The area is characterized by an environmental mosaic which makes up the quintessential Tuscan landscape. Numerous bird and mammal species are also present in the area, including squirrels, wolves, hedgehogs and pheasants.

Disabled access: partial
Transportation: no
Particular trails: no
Altitude characteristics: 0
Visitors’ center accessibility: N/A
The small town rises on a hill 6 km from Florence
Fiesole was one of the most important Etruscan towns on the southern slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It was allied to Rome in the III century BC. In 90 BC the town rebelled during the social war, being then taken by Lucio Porcio Catone. The acropolis was found on the top of the hill, where today the convent of St. Francis stands. ...