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La badia Fiesolana
Places of worship

Badia Fiesolana

The Badia Fiesolana is just outside the centre of Fiesole in San Domenico

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A monastery (or as some say an abbey) dedicated to San Bartolomeo was built between 1025 – 1028 where there used to be an ancient oratory dedicated to the saints Pietro and Romolo. From 1456 to 1467 the complex was modified to the actual form.
The church facade includes a Romanesque centre in white and green marble dating back to the 12th century. The interior is aisleless and barrel vaulted, with square chapels opening on the sides. The remarkable main altar by Giovan Battista Cennini, following Pietro Tacca’s design, dates back to 1610.
On the right is the ex-convent, now the European University Institute. Going through the Renaissance cloister the refectory can be reached, which has frescoes by Giovanni da San Giovanni representing “Christ Nutured by the Angels” (1629).

An ancient Etruscan city, a honeypot for art and literature lovers
Fiesole has always been a favorite destination for people seeking the classic Tuscany. While wild and neighboring the city, it also boasts an unforgettable hilltop view of Florence. Aristocratic and secluded, Fiesole is a well-kept secret. ...