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Photo © Giacomo Bindi
Photo © Giacomo Bindi

Livorno Area

The strength of the sea winds its way through the streets, the hills, touching the people who live here

The Livorno area is told through the sound of the waves breaking on the rocky coast. They listen carefully to the wind blowing through the nearby hills and nestled towns, like Collesalvetti, where the light arriving from the sea drenches the wheat fields in golden hues.

Livorno, a port city, has been enriched over the centuries by endless trading, a melting pot of cultures. Such exchanges are, for this city, an added value, because the Other has always come from beyond the sea, mixing effortlessly with the locals and their way of life. It happened in art, in architecture, in cuisine and even in the names of things and people.

To truly get to know the area, Livorno deserves to be told by the livornesi themselves: these people have the sea in their hearts and they can’t help but convey it in everything they say and do.

To try to understand the soul of this territory, head to the Terrazza Mascagni or tuck into a fragrant cacciucco. After a stroll along the canals in the Venezia neighbourhood, sip on a delicious ponce as you bask in the south-westerly winds: when it unsettles the sea, whistles on the cliffs of Quercianella and Calafuria, and the waves become more agitated, the atmosphere in these parts becomes all the more beautiful.

The salt-tinged air tasted in Livorno can be sensed on the islands of Gorgona and Capraia, distant and wild lands that watch the coastal city from afar.

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Livorno Area