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Casa Modigliani


Exhibition gallery and snippet of an era in the heart of Livorno

The homeplace of Amedeo Modigliani is located at via Roma 38 in the centre of Livorno. The building where the painter was born and lived together with his family welcomes visitors on a journey into the life and artistic growth of the painter through photographs, documents and reproductions of the paintings by the artist whom people from Livorno affectionately call Dedo.

The Modigliani family lived on all floors of the building, however today only the first floor can be visited, also known as the piano nobile. The dwelling on the first floor opens into a long corridor that leads into various living rooms and studies, up to the kitchen. The rooms retain the historic floors while the objects and furniture have been selected according to the fashion and taste of the late nineteenth century in Livorno, the period in which Modigliani was born, so as to provide us with a true idea of the rooms in which he spent his childhood and adolescence before moving to Paris. In addition to a faithful reproduction of a typical bourgeois residence of Livorno at the time, the exhibition itinerary allows you to learn more about the artist's life. The rooms exhibit portraits of family members, documents, photographs of everyday life and a selection of reproductions of Modigliani's most famous works, divided into thematic panels.

Finally, in the music hall you can admire works by contemporary artists such as Renato Guttuso and Enrico Baj, to name just a few, who reveal different facets of Modigliani through their eyes, art and techniques that provide unique, personal and subjective interpretations of one of the artists who marked the history of contemporary art.

Casa Modigliani also hosts events dedicated to art and music.

Casa Natale Amedeo Modigliani
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