Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori di Livorno

The Civic Museum of Giovanni Fattori

Livorno hosts the glories of Tuscan painting from the XIX and XX centuries

Via S. Jacopo in Acquaviva
This museum has utilized various venues over time, the last of which is Villa Fabbricotti, the current-day setting of the Municipal Library. At the Giovanni Fattori Museum, visitors can appreciate Tuscan art from the XIX and XX centuries. The series begins with a work by Enrico Pollastrini, a Romantic artist who was still strongly linked to the Academy. Later, we find the elevated artistic expression of Giovanni Fattori and works by several members of the Macchiaoli school as well as a large nucleus of artists who are generically referred to as the post-Macchiaoli. The ground floor and first floor of the Villa maintain their nineteenth century style when it comes to their decorative elements, furnishing and draperies.

On said floors, you’ll find works by Enrico Pollastrini, Guglielmo Micheli, Ulvi Liegi, Oscar Ghiglia, Giovanni Bartolena and Mario Puccini. One or two of the rooms are used to host rotating exhibitions that showcase the graphic art and works of artists from Livorno from the post-war period. The core of the museum can be found on the second floor which hosts large canvases by Giovanni Fattori and other members of the Macchioli school like Silvestro Lega, Telemaco Signorini, Vincenzo Cabianca, Giovanni Boldini and others. The other rooms are dedicated to post-macchiaioli artists such as Eugenio Lecconi and Vittorio Corcos. Here, you will also find works by Divisionists Benvenuto Benvenuti and Plinio Nomellini.
Tastes of the seaside, hidden itineraries and plenty of surprises
One of the most iconic images of Livorno is the Terrazza Mascagni, a quasi-infinite structure with a stunning view over the sea. But Livorno is more than just a beach town—it’s a busy port city and has been since the second half of the 16th century, when the powers-that-were decided to transform this fishermen’s village, built around the Tower of Matilda of Tuscany, into one of Europe’s main ...