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Civic Museum of Giovanni Fattori


Livorno hosts many Tuscan painting from the XIX and XX centuries

The Civic Museum Giovanni Fattori is located in the splendid Villa Mimbeli of Livorno and has a rich collection of local art, like the works of Enrico Pollastrini, a romantic artist still tied to the academy, the highly expressive works of Fattori and other prominent exponents of the Macchiaioli school and of the Postmacchiaioli movement.

The ground floor and the first floor of the villa keep intact the nineteenth-century style with its decorations, furnishings and curtains. Here works by artists such as Guglielmo Micheli, Ulvi Liegi, Oscar Ghiglia, Giovanni Bartolena and Mario Puccini are displayed.

Giovanni Fattori, La signora Martelli a Castiglioncello
Giovanni Fattori, La signora Martelli a Castiglioncello

On the second floor you can admire the great paintings by Giovanni Fattori, born in Livorno in 1825, such as the l'Assalto a Madonna della Scoperta, Mandrie MaremmaneLa signora Martelli a Castiglioncello e la Torre Rossa. In addition, there are works of other exponents of the Macchiaioli school: Silvestro Lega, Telemaco Signorini, Vincenzo Cabianca and Giovanni Boldini.

Other rooms are dedicated to post-macchiaioli (Eugenio Cecconi and Vittorio Corcos) and the divisionists (Benvenuto Benvenuti and Plinio Nomellini).

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Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori
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