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Amiata parco faunistico

A panoramic cycle route in the Amiata area

An itinerary for experienced cyclists near Arcidosso

First leg
Exploring towns and hamlets
- Credit: nemo kanenas

Leave Arcidosso in the direction of Grosseto on the SP 26. After about 3 km turn left for Montelaterone and after about 100 m turn right: where there is a sign indicating the start of the town, without taking the incline towards the town itself, turn left passing in front of a small church and head down the steep road (dirt and cement) of 1.2 km that leads to the valley floor and river; cross the bridge and stay on the right, pedaling on the dirt track that soon crosses (on cement) the river bed. Keep left, following the main track that climbs for about 2 km until it reaches the asphalt road (SP 7), where you continue on the right towards Monticello Amiata (8.2) that is around 1.2 km away.

Near the sign that indicates the town, turn left, following the sign for the sports centre, heading uphill for a bit and skirting the sports field. The dirt track keeps climbing, immersing itself in pine and chestnut woods, and after 2.6 km you come to a crossroads (at Alteta) with a few old buildings, where you then turn right towards Mount Aquilaia.

Second leg
Climbing towards Monte Labbro
- Credit: Flavia Cori

Here begins the most difficult segment due to the rough road and the steep incline. After 800 m you cross the "Salaiola - Stribugliano" trail perpendicularly and continue, circumventing Mount Aquilaia (on the left) on a very scenic dirt track that overlooks the coast. After 700 m there’s a possible change of course leading to the top of Aquilaia (1.5 km and 100 m of incline) that heads off to the left, while the itinerary continues straight ahead downhill for 1.7 km, with some segments in sharp descent, until the track lets out onto a dusty road where you turn left and begin to climb uphill again for 2.4 km until reaching the Buceto crossing (16.4). Soon after the descent begins; keep heading straight (avoiding taking the path on the left, 500m after the crossing) on the main track in the direction of Monte Labbro, which is clearly visible ahead.

Third leg
Faunistic Park of Monte Amiata
Parco Faunistico Monte Amiata, Arcidosso
Parco Faunistico Monte Amiata, Arcidosso - Credit: Flavia Cori

After precisely 1.3 km from the crossing, the road lets out diagonally onto another, larger track: at this point turn right, making a U-turn, and head back in the direction of Monte Labbro. After 700 m the road forks: keep to the left. The road is hilly for 1.7 km until the beginning of the ascent towards Monte Labbro (after 1.3 km, on the left, the summit trail begins). 

After the ascent (21.4) you circumvent the rocky slopes and begin the wonderful descent on a dusty, rough road that arrives at (2.6 km) the trail for the Parco Faunistico of Monte Amiata on the left, and that ends (after another 600 m) near a crossroads: on the right is an asphalt road, while the itinerary continues on the dirt track that climbs (first fork on right) for 2.3 km towards Merigar (26.1), a Buddhist and Tibetan culture center. Passing by this, the dirt track ends and a steep descent leads again to an asphalt road at Aiole, from where you head down, turning to the left, until reaching Arcidosso (30.7).

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