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The Peschiera of Santa Fiora

The beautiful Peschiera in the village of water: a charming place you will love

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location_on PESCHIERA SANTA FIORA AMIATA, Strada Provinciale la Bella, Santa Fiora, GR, Italia
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Peschiera of Santa Fiora
Peschiera of Santa Fiora - Credit: Ambito Turistico Amiata
Santa Fiora
An Amiata village rich with secrets starring water features
Perched on a trachyte cliff that towers over the Fiora River on the slopes of Monte Calvo rises the village of Santa Fiora, with a history unlike any of the other towns in the Amiata region. The town surprisingly wasn’t subject to the control of the Abbey of the Holy Savior but quickly became the Aldobrandeschi family’s most important possession on the mountain, successfully resisting the ...
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