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Sanctuary of the Madonna della Carità in Seggiano

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One of the most evocative examples of late-16th-century architecture can be found in Seggiano

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Carità is located outside the town of Seggiano and is one of the most beautiful examples of late-16th-century architecture in around the Amiata.

It was built between 1588 and 1603 following a terrible famine. It seems that a mother, who had begged for a way to feed her children, was heard by the Virgin Mary, who miraculously gave her some bread. Outside its religious significance, there are many churches like this located throughout the territory, owed for the most part to the increasing veneration of Mary following Ferdinando I de’ Medici’s counter-reformation.

Construction was entrusted to builders from Lugano, whose influence can be seen in the decoration. From an architectural perspective, the original characteristics of the church have survived to this day: on the outside, we can see two orders, while the interior is divided into three naves and topped with a brick dome. The high altar conserves a fresco of the Madonna and Child.

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