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Snowshoeing in Tuscany
Photo © Istock
Photo © Istock

Snowshoeing in the snowy woods of Amiata

Walking on snow in fairy-tale forests with a steaming hot chocolate: a picture perfect scene on Mount Amiata.

by  Amiata

With the arrival of winter, Mount Amiata becomes covered in snow, creating an entirely white landscape where you can walk and immerse yourself in the magical and cozy atmosphere. It’s time for snowshoeing!

Cross on the summit of Monte Amiata
Cross on the summit of Monte Amiata - Credit: Daniele Badini

Thanks to snowshoes, walking on these wintery surfaces becomes much easier both for adults and children. There are routes of different difficulty levels to choose from. They allow you access to the wintery version of the largest beech forest in Europe. 

In Prato delle Macinaie, Pianello Vetta, Cantore and Marsigliana you can find shelters and rental points for snowshoes and skis. Several paths branch off from these points, some of which reach the summit. There's also a chairlift that connects you to Prato delle Macinaie where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Sienese hills, Maremma and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

You can book snowshoeing on Mount Amiata by contacting one of the local guides, either for a day trip or even during night. These day walks allow groups of hikers to move further away from the tourist areas and explore new paths that bring you to discover the tranquility of the woods, only interrupted by the voices of your companions and the crunch of the snow as it gives way under your feet. The opportunity to walk through the snow with a guide at night is an even more unique experience that brings you closer to nature. On New Year’s Eve, there's an unmissable night walk by torchlight with toasts to bring in the new year. 

Furthermore, Amiata also offers skiable slopes, where experienced instructors assist children and anyone who wants to take their first steps on the snow: Marsiliana-Macinaie cross-country slope and Macinaie Snow Park.

Monte Amiata ski area
Monte Amiata ski area - Credit: Beatrice Mancini

At the end of these long days on the fresh snow, you can also stop in one of the shelters for a break, lunch or dinner, or simply to reenergise with a hot chocolate, ideal for regaining some energy after a snowshoe hike.

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