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Rifugi sulla vetta del Monte Amiata
Photo © Ambito Turistico Amiata
Photo © Ambito Turistico Amiata

Amiata natural refuge: where to stay among woods and villages

In the heart of Monte Amiata, from the slopes to the summit, the network of lodges and accommodations that allow you to enjoy the mountains in every season.

by  Amiata

The woods and forests that cover Monte Amiata make this place an ideal place for relaxing while immersed in nature as well as being perfect for outdoor activities.
From the slopes to the summit, along the ridge of the mountain you can find rifugi (lodges), ideal structures from which to discover the Amiata in all seasons.

The system of shelters was originally created to offer places of rest and refreshment to travelers who were climbing the mountainside, particularly during the summer period. Today, these structures are the starting point for trips and excursions and offer a wide range of experiences to fully experience the mountains.

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    One step away from the summit
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    In the heart of the woods
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    Discovering the villages

One step away from the summit

Summit of Monte Amiata
Summit of Monte Amiata - Credit: Ambito Turistico Amiata

There are three main lodges that cover the distance that connects the village of Abbadia San Salvatore to the summit. Near the largest beech forest in Europe, they are ideal for a lovely hike to the top of the Amiata! The summit is close to the last of the three shelters, a few hundred meters separate the refreshment area from the highest point of Monte Amiata where the monumental cross stands and observes the entire valley below.

Here you will find accommodation facilities where you can stay and stop for a nice restorative lunch based on typical products such as the Chestnuts of Monte Amiata IGP, or to enjoy a relaxing dinner after a day in nature.

In the heart of the woods

The beech forest of Monte Amiata
The beech forest of Monte Amiata - Credit: Ambito Turistico Amiata

From the shelters and other structures scattered on the slopes of Monte Amiata you can experience the mountain in every season. Romantics and lovers of autumn colors will enjoy the crisp air that brings with it the spectacle of fall foliage, when the woods change their appearance and are tinged with yellow and orange, while in winter snow covers the ground and cloaks everything in silence, also creating an ideal environment for skiers.

The Amiata woods are a true paradise for trekking and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Many paths and well-marked itineraries cross the forests of centuries-old beech and chestnut trees. The routes will also satisfy the most experienced walkers as well as families who want to enjoy some time in nature.

Discovering the villages


The lodges are perfect for exploring the villages also, allowing you to spend pleasant days exploring the alleys and characteristic streets form where you can catch glimpses of the green and vast landscape.
The Amiata territory preserves ancient traditions within its stone walls and woods and are places of great spirituality. There are also unexpected underground beauties, all to be experienced knowing that at the end of the day you relax in tranquility at the lodges and chalets.

Refreshments and lodges on Vetta Amiata:

Rifugio Vetta
Rifugio Cantore
Vecchio Rifugio (Le Macinaie)

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