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Spring in Tuscany, from Amiata to Val d'Orcia

Hot springs, parks, entertainment and excellent products to taste

Tuscany surprises at all times of the year, but there are places that are at their best at particular times: the Amiata is one of these, in fact, when the colors of spring replace the snow of winter which is about to end, the awakening of nature enchants the eyes and soul.
The ancient volcano watches over the renowned landscapes of the Val d'Orcia, with hills dotted with villages that have become symbols of the Tuscan magic.
The good weather favors walks in the woods, nature explorations and moments of thermal cuddles for those choosing to devote themselves to wellness.
And, as always, the best way to end fun days is at the table!

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    Thermal baths
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Trails and fun

Adventure Park Indiana Park Amiata
Adventure Park Indiana Park Amiata - Credit: Indiana Park Amiata

Within the Faunal Park of Mount Amiata - a wild park in the Mount Labbro Nature Reserve - there is a network of trails that allows to observe many species that are naturally found in the Central Apennines. The experience is really interesting and when the broom flowers have bloomed, the spectacle is amazing.

To immerse yourself in the Amiata nature and enjoy its splendid views, you can also take the Mount Amiata trail ring, a suitable trail for trekking - but also for mountain bikes and e-bikes (to be rented on site). About 27 km through chestnut, fir and striking beech forests.

Those who want to experience one of the best-known paths, the Via Francigena, will find astonishing views, picturesque villages and thermal waters by traveling the stage 36, that from San Quirico d'Orcia arrives in Radicofani.

For families, nothing could be more fun than spending a fun-filled day!
Abbadia San Salvatore, one of the best-known villages in the Amiata region, is home to the Mining Museum Park, which offers a tour of the ancient mines to discover the life stories of those who worked to extract mercury. After visiting the Museum, it is possible to climb in the miners' wagon and travel 250 meters underground.

Finally, the Indiana Park Amiata, a park absorbed in a wonderful, dense forest of beech and fir trees, offers many fun and educational activities suitable for both young and old people: various acrobatic courses, walkways, tunnels and even the Quick Jump, a leap into the void surrounded by unspoiled nature.


Thermal baths

Limestone rock in Bagni San Filippo
Limestone rock in Bagni San Filippo - Credit: / aldas1950

Amiata is a dormant volcano: the lava no longer flows, but its thermal waters, hot and rich in healing properties, still gush.
The natural springs of Bagni San Filippo, have been known since ancient times and have created, in the midst of a lush forest, an enchanted landscape of white limestone formations, small waterfalls and hot pools where to bathe.
A wild, still untouched place that hides the striking and delicate waterfall Balena Bianca (White Whale), a huge block of limestone formed by the sediments of thermal waters.
The hottest waters flow here, gushing out at 48º C, guaranteeing a high temperature even out of season.
It should be remembered that this limestone formation cannot be touched, but it is possible to soak in several nearby pools in peace.

A few kilometers away, in the heart of Val d’Orcia, is the charming village of Bagno Vignoni, developed around the very characteristic "water square", a large pool from which the famous hot waters flow.
Here it is possible to spend unforgettable moments in the three accommodation facilities present, which cuddle guests for a true moment of well-being.



Pecorino di Pienza
Pecorino di Pienza - Credit: Dan

Of course, traditional flavors cannot be missed: Pecorino di Pienza and cold cuts from Cinta Senese are a must for outdoor snacks.
For those who prefer to sit comfortably at the table, a nice plate of pici pasta, accompanied by a glass of Brunello di Montalcino is the right choice.

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