San Gimignano

The historic centre of San Gimignano

One-of-a-kind in the world

A pearl of the Val d'Elsa with an unmistakable profile—whenever you see a spire in the sky look out for the ancient tower-houses, the feature that makes San Gimignano unique and famous all over the world. The appearance of the thirteenth and fourteenth-century Tuscany has remained intact here, so that walking the streets of the town seems like a voyage back in time, to relive the atmosphere of this historical period. 

Perched on a verdant hill, this is a unique and special place where you still breathe the traditions of the past and a piece of history that characterized this region. Walking through the old town there are 13 towers (at the height of the town's prosperity there were as many as 72). The tower was a symbol of power, the leading families vied to build them and make them higher than those of their rivals. 

Because of its uniqueness, authenticity and integrity, San Gimignano was declared a World Heritage site in 1990 and receives many visitors each day.