San Gimignano 1300

San Gimignano 1300

A tour through history in the ‘City of Towers’

Via Costarella, 3
San Gimignano 1300 spotlights the incredible history of this unique town. Its ingenuous architectural creativity, artistic excellence and cultural traditions take center stage thanks to this exciting exhibition. Its main objective is to help raise people’s awareness and understanding of art and history thanks to this emblematic, symbolic reconstruction of the city’s vitality. This itinerary was designed to offer an exciting way to give visitors information about San Gimignano’s period of utmost splendor.

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San Gimignano
Iconic town along the Via Francigena
In this council you can admire the churches of St. Jacopo and St. Peter, the Collegiate of St. Mary of the Assumption with the Chapel of St. Fina, the Cathedral, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Podestà Palazzo and the Pratellesi Palazzo. In ancient times San Gimignano was a tiny village in the Greek-Etruscan period (III-II centuries BC). There is however some evidence of a more remote presence. ...