Lago di Burano

Nature’s gems

WWF oasis in Tuscany

With its amazing natural landscape that includes both beaches and mountains, Tuscany is the cradle of WWF in Italy.
The region hosts several protected oasis where guests can admire the flora and fauna that makes this territory unique. In 1967, WWF founded its first oasis, the Burano Lake Oasis, which was once a hunting estate.
The next in line was Orbetello’s Oasis and the list just continued to grow: WWF has currently instituted its 17th oasis. In addition to organizing numerous activities aimed at safeguarding the natural environment and its fauna and the recuperation of wildlife, WWF Tuscany strives to make a slice of natural paradise available to the general public.

WWF Environmental excursion guides will accompany you on your excursions providing well-marked itineraries and special visit points where visitors can observe the area’s fauna. WWF oasis also host many services that make them accessible to the disabled, including transportation, specific trails and accessibility to the visitors’ center. For a wonderful chance to spend quality time outdoors with the entire family, don’t miss these breath-taking landscapes that are sure to provide unforgettable experiences.

Here is a list of oasis:
Bosco di Cornacchiaia
San Felice
Bosco del Bottaccio
Dune di Forte dei Marmi
Bosco Rocconi
Lago di Burano
Laguna di Orbetello
Capra Matilda
Cesto del Lupo
Padule di Bolgheri
Padule Orti-Bottagone
Stagni di Focognano
Val di Rose
Lago di Chiusi
Dune di Tirrenia