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Orbetello lagoon
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5 WWF oasis in Tuscany

WWF oasis in Tuscany

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With its amazing natural landscape that includes both beaches and mountains, Tuscany is the cradle of WWF in Italy.
The region hosts several protected oasis where guests can admire the flora and fauna that makes this territory unique. In addition to organizing numerous activities aimed at safeguarding the natural environment and its fauna and the recuperation of wildlife, WWF Tuscany strives to make a slice of natural paradise available to the general public.
WWF Environmental excursion guides will accompany you on your excursions providing well-marked itineraries and special visit points where visitors can observe the area’s fauna. WWF oasis also host many services that make them accessible to the disabled, including transportation, specific trails and accessibility to the visitors’ center. For a wonderful chance to spend quality time outdoors with the entire family, don’t miss these breath-taking landscapes that are sure to provide unforgettable experiences. Currently WWF oasis in Tuscany are 17 (see the full list: wwf.oasitoscana.it), here below you can read more in detail about five of them:
Burano Lake Oasis
Burano Lake Oasis
Burano Lake Oasis - Credit: Nitticora Albina

In 1967 WWF founded its first oasis in Italy, the Burano Lake Oasis, which was once a hunting estate. Inside the oasis there is a stretch of sandy coast, a wooded area which more than 600 species of plants and a tower that looks out over the lake. This is an amazing spot for bird-watching entusiasts because the local fauna includes 274 bird species among which flamingos, tufted ducks and herons. 

Info: Burano Lake

Lagoon of Orbetello
Flamingos in the lagoon
Flamingos in the lagoon

The WFF oasis of Orbetello is considered one of the most important lagoons of the Tiyrrhenian seaPositioned along one of Europe’s main migration routes, the nature reserve is home for around 300 species of birds among which flamingoes, common stilts, great egrets, grey herons. Here in 1965 Fulco Pratesi and Hardy Reichelt discovered that the rare common stilt was nesting in the Orbetello Lagoon and launched a campaign to save the species.

Info: Orbetello Lagoon


Oasis del Bottaccio and Gherardesca's Lake
A thrush at Bottaccio oasis
A thrush at Bottaccio oasis - Credit: Rumoredifondo

In this twenty hectares protectetd area is possible to redescover many of those plants and animals that were common in the past in Tuscany. Here laid the ancient lake of Bientina before its progressive reclamation over the centuries. Today the lake gaves way to wooden boardwalks, huts, rest areas and tourist information panels, but few hundred meters away there is another small lake called Lago della Gherardesca.

Chiusi Lake
Chiusi Lake
Chiusi Lake - Credit: Carlotta&Luca ItalyzeMe

Eight hectars of paradise for nature lovers. In the woods surrounding the lake is possible to find an high concetration of herons, which have grown in number and variety of species during the last few years. Chiusi lake is also a great spot for fishing enthusiasts, especially for carp fishing

Tirrenia Dunes
Entrance at Tirrenia Dunes
Entrance at Tirrenia Dunes - Credit: Giulia Valentini

This dunes reserve formed betweeen pine trees and sea is one of the last areas of this kind in Italy. They are perfect for relaxing walks, hikes, bicycle and horse rides. There is also a trail equipped with specific signs and panels illustrating the vegetation and the characteristic animal species living in this territory.