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Photo ©Enrico Bottino

Ideas and advice for a journey to find food aromas and traditions

Hiking with taste: the hiking trails of flavour in Tuscany

Traditions in the Maremma and Valdichiana

Val di Chiana
Val di Chiana - Credit: Enrico Bottino

Oil and wine of the Tuscan hills

Tuscan wine, cheese, oil and honey
Tuscan wine, cheese, oil and honey

Between the Versilia and Lunigiana

"Testaroli della Lunigiana"
"Testaroli della Lunigiana" - Credit: Enrico Bottino

Aromas of the woods and the mountain

Spelt from the Garfagnana
Spelt from the Garfagnana - Credit: Toscana Promozione
Food and Wine
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