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A walk from the Medici Villa to the hill of San Zio

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A day in Cerreto Guidi between history and popular tradition

The Open Week "From Leonardo to Pinocchio", in its seventh edition, is the initiative that promotes the tourism excellence of the Valdinievole, an event that aims to enhance territories with a rich artistic and cultural history by promoting special events and local tourist attractions.

On Wednesday, May 1, the second event organized by the Municipality of Cerreto Guidi is scheduled.

The day will begin with a guided tour of the Medicean Villa in Cerreto Guidi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, inside which works of art, such as portraits of the Medici family, tapestries, a selection of the Bardini collections and the Historical Museum of Hunting and the Territory can be seen.

Next, the doors of the Crocheted Nativity Scene will be opened: born in 2015 as a "simple" nativity scene, the project has grown to become a miniature reconstruction of the entire village of Cerreto Guidi and the surrounding area with the representation in minute detail of vegetable gardens, the countryside, artisan workshops and furnishings, as well as the faithful reproduction of the Medici Villa and the Castle of Vinci.

The program continues with the urban route "Cerreto in Giro", which touches on the highlights of the Medici village, such as the birthplace of Santio Saccenti, the Church of the Confraternity, the Palace of the Podestà and the Palazzina dei Cacciatori.

Participants will pass through the Porta Fiorentina and exit the village to head to the hill of San Zio, where the contrada of the same name will organize a picnic. From this vantage point, it will be possible to enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view.


  • walk, visit to the Medici Villa and visit to the Crocheted Nativity Scene - free with reservation required
  • picnic by participants (there will be food stands of various kinds)