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Mount Brugiana Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita
Photo © Ambito Turistico Riviera Apuana
Photo © Ambito Turistico Riviera Apuana

Autumn outdoors in the Apuan Riviera

Places to spend an outdoor afternoon with your family

Autumn in the Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita (Terra Scolpita Apuan Riviera) is a wonderful season, the sun still warms and illuminates giving fabulous sunsets, to be enjoyed comfortably on the beach or on the slopes of the mountains. Yes, because the landscapes of the Apuan territory are diverse and range from the sea to the highest peaks, from historic town centers to ancient villages, passing through lakes, protected green areas, quarries, and even vineyards... But what are the perfect places where adults and children can spend a day outdoors?

  • 1.
    Lake Porta
  • 2.
    The autumn sea
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  • 4.
    Monte Brugiana
  • 5.
    The Botanical Garden of the Apuan Alps

Lake Porta


Lake Porta in Montignoso is undoubtedly the ideal place to spend an afternoon with family. It's a charming place where you can stroll while surrounded by nature, enjoying the wildlife oasis in the protected natural area that we could define as "wild", but it's within everyone's reach. In addition to the lush vegetation and thanks to the variety of natural environments that are around the lake, it's possible to encounter many animal species, especially birds, both resident and  migratory. Particularly in this period, the sky is filled with flocks of birds towards dusk in a display that's nothing short of dance-like.

The autumn sea

Autumn sea - Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita
Autumn sea- Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita - Credit: Ambito Turistico Riviera Apuana

The end of summer certainly doesn't prevent you from enjoying the sea which, even in autumn or winter, is a unique landscape that's completely different from the summer one, transforming itself from a lively and crowded location into a relaxing place of calm and peace. You can walk, rest, read a book, listen to the sound of the waves and let kids play undisturbed. There's room for everything and everyone! The apuan coast offers 15 km of sandy beach characterized by a rather long beach before reaching the shoreline, the part bathed by sea water. A panacea for body and mind, it's a form of natural care where you can find harmony even without diving but simply breathing in all the positive vibes that the sea and iodine can bring, a true therapy!


Sentiero verso Campocecina - Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita
Sentiero verso Campocecina - Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita - Credit: Ambito Turistico Riviera Apuana

Moving from the sea to the mountain on the Carrara side, a half hour drive will take you to Campocecina at the foot of Monte Sagro. It's a starting point for trekking routes, peaks and shelters that's close to the quarries and above the city of Carrara. The wide green expanse of meadows and woods offers a breathtaking view. In addition to being a place that's suitable for a summer picnic or snowballing in the colder months, the main draw to Campocecina is the unique setting that strikes visitors: there are 360° viewpoints where it's possible to enjoy the view of the mountain peaks, the Apuan Alps, and of the marble quarries, admiring a unique landscape that extends over the city valley and reaches the sea. On clearer days, the islands of Corsica, Elba and Capraia can also be seen on the horizon.

Monte Brugiana

Monte Brugiana - Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita
Monte Brugiana - Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita - Credit: Ambito Turistico Riviera Apuana

For lovers of hiking and animals, a walk on Monte Brugiana is not to be missed. It's easily reachable by car in a few minutes from the city centre of Massa, above which it stands out. The path is easy and effortless, even for children and those with less experience who can opt for this as an alternative to the usual hike. For a fun activity that completely respects nature, try horse trekking. The visit to Brugiana starts from the Parco della Resistenza, an open-air museum, that has evidence of the presence of partisans in the area, and continues in the woods to where we find a Horse Trekking Centre that allows you to continue the excursion in the saddle, also passing through a disused quarry. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the amazing panorama of the Apuan Riviera Terra Scolpita, with the Apuan Alps behind and the sea in front.

The Botanical Garden of the Apuan Alps

The Botanical Garden of the Apuan Alps  - Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita
The Botanical Garden of the Apuan Alps - Riviera Apuana Terra Scolpita - Credit: Ambito Turistico Riviera Apuana

Always staying at high altitude, kids will love the wonderful "Pellegrini-Ansaldi" Botanical Garden which is interesting not only because it's part of the Apuan Alps Regional Park and for the presence of many species of native plants, but also for its incredible location that has a view of the sea and mountains which are tinged red at certain times of the year. Recently subject to works, there are many initiatives carried out within the garden, including educational activities dedicated to schools and of course a visit to discover the rich flora that includes pines, firs, and alders, but also many varieties of flowers and shrubs. During the fall season, visiting here and enjoying the warm sunsets is a must. In addition to hiking in the mountains and walks on the beach or the lake, you can visit castles, museums and much more...there are so many activities with the family that you can do in the Apuan Riviera Terra Scolpita that you could never list them all!

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