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Along the Vian Francigena, from Monteriggioni to Siena

Take note of these stops (and stories) for your next trip along the Tuscan section of the Via Francigena

From Lucca to Siena: stops and legends along the Via Francigena

Lucca: Francigena entry point, a brand new multimedia museum and hospitality center

Lucca landscape
Lucca landscape - Credit: Emma Ivarsson

A mysterious labyrinth

San Gimignano: Towers and Saffron

San Gimignano
San Gimignano - Credit: Kinzica Sorrenti

Monteriggioni: The Slow Travel Fest

Abbadia a Isola, Monteriggioni
Abbadia a Isola, Monteriggioni

Siena: Banchi di Sotto and Banchi di Sopra roads

Urban trekking in Siena
Urban trekking in Siena
Francigena and Historical Hikes
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Francigena and Historical Hikes
Tuscany offers a huge variety of historic pilgrimage routes of immense scenic and cultural value. ... Continue...
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