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Castle of Montemagno

Historical Buildings

Discover an ancient castle in Camaiore

Montemagno, a small but quaint village, was built around a church on the road to Lucca. The road that climbs from Camaiore up to Montemagno passes through the spectacular Freddana valley, giving way to magnificent views.

A castle was built in this area in the middle ages, serving as both a residence for nobility and a place of refuge in times of siege. Its optimal position allowed the castle control over via Francigena, the road linking the Versilian plain to Lucca. Although the exact date of the castle’s construction is unknown, archival documents record its presence in the area as far back as 1099.

Authoritative archeological research suggests that the castle originally stood at the top of the hill, but today only a few sections of the outer wall remain. These remains, which were restored by its owner, can still be seen on a hillock above Montegmagno, and include parts of the periphery walls as well as the façade of the church dedicated to San Bartolomeo.

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