Castello di Malaspina di Terrarossa

Malaspina castle, Terrarossa

Licciana Nardi
The Terrarossa Castle was one of the fortifications erected to control access to the bottom of the valley. The settlement stood on the Via Francigena in the 12th century, and the imposing fortified palazzo dates back to the second half of the 16th century, built by order of the first Marchese di Terrarossa, Fabrizio Malaspina.

The stately building is one of the largest residences of the Malaspina. With a quadrilateral layout, it has four angular ramparts, not all of which were completely finished.

The building encloses a courtyard, access to which is through an archway made of sandstone blocks, and the interior has a noble setting, with rich cross-vaulted halls and apartments. Vast areas were used for the cultivation of silk.

The exterior facades, made of river cobbles and square stones in the corners, are simple, with large rectangular windows, which originally had sandstone jambs.

Recently restored, it contains guestrooms, some conference halls, and the tourist information point of the town.
Licciana Nardi
Valley of rare beauty
The Licciana Nardi Valley has some really beautiful views, especially around Monti and Apella, where the old tower is a reminder of the medieval settlement and where, in the old part of the town, the birthplace of the Risorgimental martyr Anacarsi Nardi is marked. THE HISTORIC TOWN CENTRE The old town of Licciana is elegant, with its church as richly decorated as its castle is austere. ...