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Torchlight ceremony in Abbadia San Salvatore
Photo ©Abbadia Città delle Fiaccole

Fire Festivals In Tuscany

In Tuscany there are several festivals somehow linked to "fire". Sometimes they include torchlights or bonfires, other times they involve impressing candlelights and in some cases there is even an explosion!

 Winter is celebrated with several traditional fire festivals. Usually these celebrations have ancient origins. These festivities connected with “Sun God”, were usually celebrated at the beginning of winter in order to invoke its vital presence against the cold months. Since the pagan cult ended, bonfires were linked to the celebrations of the patrons of the Catholic religion. Let's discover some of the most interesting fire festivals in Tuscany throughout the year:

  • “Fiaccolata di Abbadia San Salvatore” - Torchlight of Abbadia San Salvatore on December 24
  • “Fiaccolata di Santa Fiora” - Torchlight of Santa Fiora on December 30
  • “Falò di Sant’Antonio” - Saint Anthony Bonfire in Filattiera on January 16
  • “Disfida dei falò” - Bonfires of Pontremoli on January 17 and January 31
  • “Scoppio del Carro” - Explosion of the Cart in Florence on Easter Sunday (March 27, 2016)
  • Festival Internazionale dei Fuochi d'Artificio - International Fireworks Festival in Forte dei Marmi (usually between May and June)
  • Luminara di San Ranieri - Candlelight Festival in Pisa on June 16
  • Rificolona - on September 7
  • Luminara di Santa Croce - Candlelight Festival in Lucca on September 13 
Le Fiaccole - Torchlight festival in Abbadia San Salvatore

In Abbadia San Salvatore the torchlight ceremony is held every year on December 24 with a traditional liturgy.

At 6pm, the event starts with the “Blessing of the Fire” that marks the beginning of the festival with bonfires, music and food stalls offering sweets and mulled wine.


Torchlight ceremony in Abbadia San Salvatore
Torchlight ceremony in Abbadia San Salvatore - Credit: Abbadia Città delle Fiaccole
La Fiaccolata - Torchlight festival in Santa Fiora

In Santa Fiora – in the Maremma area, southern Tuscany – the feasts of St. Nicholas and St. Michael is characterized by a ritual fire, the torchlight on December 30th.

The torchlight stops in front of Palazzo Sforza, where the distribution of typical sweet polenta, made with chestnut flour, becomes a symbolic meal to guarantee the continuity of the local community.

Torchlight festival in Santa Fiora
Torchlight festival in Santa Fiora - Credit: Comune di Santa Fiora
Falò di S. Antonio – Sant’Antonio bonfire in Filattiera

In Filattiera – a small town in the Lunigiana area, northern Tuscany – bonfire it is in honor of Sant’Antonio.

It is an ancient tradition that once took place on the banks of the river Magra, but nowadays it is celebrated next to the Malaspina Castle.

Sorano parish church in Filattiera,
Sorano parish church in Filattiera, - Credit: Jennifer Mallegni
Disfida dei Falò – Bonfires in Pontremoli

In some places the bonfires have become the symbol of the rivalry between two villages or between neighborhoods within the same town, such as in Pontremoli, northern Tuscany.

Each year in January Pontremoli – in the Lunigiana area, northern Tuscany – celebrates an old medieval rivalry with two big events connected to bonfires. The protagonists of the bonfires are the parishes of San Niccolò and San Geminiano, competing to build the biggest and best bonfire.

Every year thousand of people come to the riverbed of Pontremoli on January 17 for the bonfire of San Niccolò and on January 31st for the one of San Geminiano. Read more about the Bonfires of Pontremoli.

Bonfires of San Geminiano in Pontremoli
- Credit: Francesco de Januariis
Scoppio del Carro - Explosion of the Cart in Florence

Talking about fires, we could not forget to mention the Explosion of the Cart. It is a traditional event held in Florence on Easter and every year hundreds of people – Florentines and tourists – gather around “the cart”, called brindellone.

The key moment is when a dove-shape rocket goes out of the cart in the direction of the altar and then returns to the cart to set off the fireworks which last about 20 minutes!

Technically, Easter Sunday doesn’t fall in winter season but since in 2016 it falls quite early, precisely on March 27, we decided to feature the Explosion of the Cart in this list! For more information: “Easter in Florence and the Explosion of the Cart".

Explosion of the  Cart Florence
Explosion of the Cart Florence - Credit: Monica Kelly
International Fireworks Festival Forte dei Marmi

This scenographic fest is held in Forte dei Marmi between the end of May and the begin of June. It takes place from the Pier of Forte dei Marmi usually from 10 p.m. and everybody can watch the show from the beach (free access).

This is the only event connected to fire that is not traditional!

Forte Dei Marmi Fire Festival
Forte Dei Marmi Fire Festival - Credit: Leonardo Sasso
Luminara di San Ranieri – Candlelight Festival in Pisa
Luminaria san ranieri
Luminaria san ranieri - Credit: Carlo aka Funebre

Pisa probably boasts one of the most impressive Candlelight Festival in Italy. Every year in June the city celebrates its glorious past with tons of events, the major celebrations are held on June 16-17 and the last Saturday night of the month.

On the night of June 16 the Candlelight Festival (Luminaria) offers a romantic although festive atmosphere.  

Since 1688, the Luminaria is dedicated to San Ranieri and at sunset literally thousands of candles are lit up.

Read more about the Luminaria of San Ranieri in Pisa.

Festa della Rificolona – Paper Lantern Festival in Florence

The Rificolona Festival is one of the most ancient Florentine traditions. Every year, on the evening of September 7th the kids parade from Pizza Santa Croce to the Piazza Santissima Annunziata carrying colourful paper lanterns.

Rificolona Paper Lantern Florence
Rificolona Paper Lantern Florence - Credit: Paige Taff
Luminara di Santa Croce – Candlelight Festival in Lucca

The Candlelight Festival of Santa Croce in Lucca is a religious procession featuring the Holy Face (Volto Santo) paraded along a route entirely lit by candles.

The festival begins on vespers of September 13 and last until the 14th. Needless to say, the celebration is really charming and mystical. Read more in this post: “Settembre Lucchese: tradition, culture and events in Lucca

Are there any important Fire Festivals in Tuscany we left out? If so, please tell us and we’ll add it!

luminara-santa croce
luminara-santa croce - Credit: Lara Marsalli
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