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Focarazza Museum in Santa Caterina


A museum dedicated to a historic tradition in the municipality of Roccalbegna

The Focarazza Museum in Santa Caterina, a hamlet in the municipality of Roccalbegna, is housed in the former Fabbro Ferraio forge and documents the work, traditions and rituals tied to the fire and the tree in the area of Monte Amiata.

The exhibition is divided into two sections: the first conserves a collection of objects used for forging metals and in the home that are tied to fire, while the second is dedicated to the “stollo,” a long, wood pole, which highlights the festival of the Focarazza: a historic rite dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria that takes place every year on November 24, the local community’s most important celebration.

The evocative stages of the festival are illustrated through several photographs, objects of folk art and books. The museum also conserves a substantial collection of traditional children’s games.

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