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La Torre Giurisdavidica del Monte Labbro
Places of worship

Torre Giurisdavidica on Monte Labbro

The story of the "Amiata prophet" among the mystical, mysterious ruins

Amiata donkeys on Monte Labbro
Amiata donkeys on Monte Labbro - Credit: Shutterstock
Lazzaretti Museum, Arcidosso
Lazzaretti Museum, Arcidosso - Credit: Centro Studi David Lazzaretti
One of the loveliest villages in the Amiata, surrounded by churches, artworks and the striking Rocca Aldobrandesca
Arcidosso is one of the loveliest towns around Monte Amiata. Striking and characterful, the oldest part of the town is characterized by the Rocca Aldobrandesca, attacked by the Sienesi in 1331 under the command of Guidoriccio da Fogliano and which passed under Medici control in 1559. ...
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