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Cascine - Market Tuesday in Florence

4537933012_41c13efe09Every Tuesday here in Florence there is something going on that everybody should know about - the Cascine market! Visiting this local market is an excellent way to come across people, foods, expressions and just the Florentine way of life. The slowness of a movement the speed in a phrase, the colors of clothes hanging or vegetables in the stalls- the reflections and echoes by the Arno River. It's simply one of the things that will bring you closer to the real thing - going to the market on Tuesday morning won't take up too much time and it won't cost you anything. This morning I decided to go and see which vegetable is being sold the most (if it's seasonal) - and what recipes it's used in! Result: early in the morning a debate began thanks to me, next, I heard lots of people asking if one product or another was really local and finally I interviewed foreigners and ended up getting interviewed by them! I saw an amazing stall and asked the woman my question "Which is the vegetable you are selling the most?" - at this point, the unexpected happened- "see I sell local stuff" she said- "while she (pointing at the stall nearby) sells the greenhouse stuff!". This is where the discussion begins - and they begin to argue in a lively market manner -local versus greenhouse. Basically the lady with the bananas and coconuts sells more than the lady that stoops down and picks broad beans early every morning.  Some people do appreciate it because they ask- where the products are from or if they're italian other people simply walk by attracted by the brightness and perfection of imported produce. Foreigners do go to the market,  the girls I interviewed today were from Switzerland and after having asked them what they were there to buy, they asked me if they could interview ME. Their italian class consisted in discovering what certain words meant in italian.... I guess I kind of did their homework....! Mercato delle Cascine [geo_mashup_map]