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Bagno Vignoni wide
Photo © Andrea Donati
Photo © Andrea Donati

Bagno Vignoni: hot springs in Val D'Orcia

Add Bagno Vignoni to your to-do list when you're wandering around in Val d'Orcia

If you decide to visit the valley that is one of the most popular postcards of Tuscany - the Val d'Orcia, of course - add a day to explore Bagno Vignoni. This village is different from the others: what in traditional towns is a main square, in Bagno Vignoni is a pool 49 meters long and 29 wide, from the bottom of which bubble up a number of hot springs whose therapeutic quality has been renowned since antiquity. 

Bagno Vignoni main square pool
Bagno Vignoni main square pool - Credit: John Weiss

Don't forget to bring an old swim-suite and a towel to Bagno Vignoni. You cannot have a bath at the main square pool, but if you go down to the Parco dei Mulini you can relax at a spring of naturally hot water. There is no ticket to pay, you can enter for free

Parco dei Mulini in Bagno Vignoni
Parco dei Mulini in Bagno Vignoni - Credit: Morris Losurdo

While you are relaxing there you can try to imagine to be in the past: Bagno Vignoni was a healing and refreshment point for numerous pilgrims who traveled the Via Francigena on their way to Rome, one of the main destinations for the Christian pilgrimages. Travellers looking for a high-ranking experience will find three private spas with outdoor and indoor pools, restaurants and accommodation facilities: Terme di Bagno Vignoni, Hotel Adler, Posta Marcucci

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