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A place suspended in time, where the Etruscans build a majestic necropolis

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Sorano and the surrounding towns are filled with examples of their Etruscan origin, which dates back to the period of this civilization’s greatest splendor. Sorano was built on a high rock and this extremely picturesque position captivates all who visit it. With the passage of time, it has come to resemble a natural cliff, only slightly refined by the Renaissance architecture. The girding wall served to make it one of the safest outposts in the County of Pitigliano. Sorano belonged to the Aldobrandeschi family, who developed it as a defensive position, fortifying it with the walls that still surround the village today. Subsequently it passed under the dominion of the Orsini family, who built a beautiful fortress, the most interesting monument in the village. In the middle of the 1400s, it became the site of conflicts.
The Republic of Siena was never conquered, thereby earning the town the name of “the tinderbox of Italian wars” given by Cosimo dei Medici. In 1608, it finally became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Continuity with the past is still alive, and the antique peasant culture has retained its main activities. Vineyards, scrub, olive groves, fields of wheat and sheep farming surround the town. As a result of this agricultural vocation, the area is increasingly renowned for the high-quality of traditional Maremman products. This includes an important dairy production. The entire surrounding territory abounds in medieval fortifications, such as the Castle of Montorio, the Citadel of Castell’Ottieri and the castle of Montebuono. The archeological park, “Città del Tufo” is very unique because the area’s major historical, archeological and cultural treasures of the territory are found here: the church of San Sebastiano, the Aldobrandeschi fortress and the necropolis excavated in the rock, surrounded by the marvels of nature.
Antique tombs stand out, especially noteworthy is the monumental Ildebranda. Regarded as the masterpiece of all of the tombs, it represents the passage from archaic Etruria to that which will soon succumb to Rome and its empire. There are also tombs excavated in the rock walls, enveloped and protected by thick vegetation, which increases their fascination and mystery. The most famous is the Siren’s Tomb. These grottos, discovered near Sorano and Vitozza, are almost unadorned compared to the others, but are equally fascinating. They were probably originally used for raising pigeons or as incinerators, and later in Roman and Medieval times, were turned into dwellings, stalls or cellars.

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Crystalline waters, untouched countryside and the charm of Etruscan towns
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