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Photo © Claudia D'Aliasi
Photo © Claudia D'Aliasi

San Mamiliano Museum


Etruscan remains and 498 gold coins are on display in Sovana

The San Mamiliano Museum is found in the heart of the ancient town of Sovana, in the Church of San Mamiliano which became a site of great historic interest in 2004 thanks to a significant archaeological campaign.

This is where a Roman thermal system was found, along with 498 gold coins discovered in a small vase buried two metres below the ground, dating to the 5th century CE. Therefore, the church has become a museum, where you can see part of the excavation and the treasure.

The treasure of San Mamiliano
The treasure of San Mamiliano - Credit: Parco Archeologico Città del Tufo

The coins, probably hidden at the end of the 5th century during a period of invasions and raids in the area, are “gold money,” introduced in 324 by Constantine and remaining in use throughout the Byzantine Empire until the 10th century. 

In the museum, there are also Etruscan artefacts on display, found in the votive offering at the entrance to the via cava known as il Cavone: around 20 ceramic objects which make up parts of a human body, male and female puppets, and terracotta uteri. 


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