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The Museum of the High Valley of the Aulella Territory

The museum offers a didactic view of the historical, economic and social developments of the High Valley of the Aulella territory

Casola in Lunigiana
The museum is located in Palazzo Ambrosi, an ancient edifice in the historical centre of Casola, which is also the municipal building. The palazzo has been enlarged many times over the centuries, and the building today is the result of work done in the 17th century. The third floor of the building no longer exists as it was damaged in an earthquake in 1920. The collection has been displayed every year for a temporary period of time since 1964. In 1981, a museum dedicated to the history of the area was inaugurated in the town’s middle school. In 1995 this museum was moved to its current location, in Palazzo Ambrosi.

The new museum and its collection is largely intended for schools, and offers a didactic view of the historical, economic and social developments of the High Valley of the Aulella territory. The prehistoric section documents the human settlements in the western part of the Lunigiana area, and follows the evolution of Man, from the Paleolithic era to the Iron Age. The section on the modern era illustrates the traditions and customs of local rural society. The museum also displays archeological artifacts (like bone fragments, fossils, ceramics, metal objects) that were found in archeological sites located in the Aulella valley in the 1960s and 1970s. Artworks from nearby churches in the area are also showcased as well as ethnological items (such as period costumes and weapons and arms).

Opening Hours:
Visits available upon request.

Disabled Access:
Not accessible to the disabled.

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Casola in Lunigiana
Gateway to the Apuan Park reveals a passage rich in natural beauty
Casola, from the roman "Casuli", is the entrance to the Parco delle Apuane in the Lunigiana. A very rich landscape of natural treasures, which is situated above a peak in the high course of the rivers Aulella and Tassonaro, in a key position which unifies the two mountain chains: the Apennine and the Alps in a border zone between theLunigiana and the Garfagnana. ...