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Brunella Fortress

The old fortification in Aulla is now home to the Lunigiana Natural History Museum

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The Brunella Fortress dominates the strategic Aulla village from on high, located where the river Magra and Aulella meet.

Various theories surround when it was built and who it was built for, despite the fact the the building’s architecture is type for the age of transition.

One theory is that the fortress was constructed at the end of the 1400s for the lord of Aulla at that time Jacopo Ambrogio Malaspina, whereas the second hypothesis has it that it was founded by Giovanni delle Bande Nere, the condottiero who moved to Aulla in the early 16th century, who commissioned Antonio da Sangallo the Elder with the plans.

The fortress is now home to the Lunigiana Natural History Museum, which focuses on the history and changes in the local area.

A narrow strip of land between two rivers, once a fundamental hub along the Via Francigena
Aulla sits pretty on a narrow strip of land where the Magra meets the Aulella, a plot of ground that proved pivotal for the civil and religious life of the Lunigiana immediately after the year 1000. ...