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Fortezza della Brunella
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The Brunella Fortress

The Brunella Fortress stands in a strategic position overlooking the town of Aulla, where the Magra and Aulella rivers meet

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The date of construction is open to conjecture, as is the identity of its original owners, however we do know that the building corresponds to the architectural standards typical of the age of transition. A first hypothesis dates the building to the end of the 15th century and attributes the project to Jacopo Ambrogio Malaspina, who was Lord of Aulla at that time. A second hypothesis claims that the fortress was built by Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, who came to Aulla in the first half of the 16th century and may have entrusted Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio with the project. A third hypothesis identifies the commissioner of the work as Adamo Centurione, a merchant from Genoa who became the owner of the estate of Aulla in 1543.

The layout of the building is quadrangular and it has large angular hip rafters around the keep. It has many rooms, which extend over two floors. The fortress and surrounding property is surrounded by an impressive outer wall, which is characterized by a wide scarp. It was transformed into a residence at the turn of the last century.

After the State bought the property, it was completely restructured. It is currently the home of the Natural History Museum of Lunigiana, and is surrounded by a noteworthy natural park.

How to get there:
Motorway A15 La Spezia-Parma exit Aulla A-road 62 Cisa Railway Station: Aulla. By public transport: CAT, toll free number 800223010

Natural History Museum of Lunigiana
Tel.: 0187400252/409077
A narrow strip of land between two rivers, once a fundamental hub along the Via Francigena
Aulla sits pretty on a narrow strip of land where the Magra meets the Aulella, a plot of ground that proved pivotal for the civil and religious life of the Lunigiana immediately after the year 1000. ...