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Le campagne di Montespertoli
Empoli area map

Empoli area

Brings together many of Tuscany's most beautiful cities

The Empoli territory brings together many of Tuscany's most beautiful cities, including Empoli itself, which has Roman origins. The center of Empoli is located in the lower part of the Arno valley. The city limits run from the northern portion of the Arno to the western portion of the Elsa river. The farther we go from the river, the more hillside and “typical” Tuscan landscape we see. Archeological finds remind us that the area was inhabited for the first time during the Roman Imperial period. Thanks to its rich soil, it was an agricultural center for many centuries.

Located amidst the green hills of Tuscany, Castelfiorentino is a smiling town in the province of Florence. The area is rich in nature and history itineraries, it represents a pleasing discovery from a tourism point of view. It offers visitors the possibility to stay in an artistically interesting town, with a number of churches, villas, Benozzo Gozzoli frescos and the frescos in the Santa Verdiana sanctuary.

Other important Empoli area towns are Montespertoli, Montaione and Montelupo Fiorentino, the most well know Tuscan city for its ceramic tradition.