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Parish church of Saints Peter and Paul in Coiano

Places of worship

An ancient building on the Via Francigena

The parish church of Saints Peter and Paul is a building of Romanesque origin located along the Via Francigena between the towns of San Miniato and San Gimignano, the first documents of this church date back to the year 1029 with the title of Pieve.

The church has a Romanesque style, and is made of sandstone and brick, inside you can find beautiful frescoes from the 14th century while the baptismal font and the altar date back to 1600, these are the only works of Baroque style remaining in the whole Church.

The Church is currently under renovation and, therefore, visible only from the outside.

It is included among the stops in the travel diary of Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury, on his return from Rome to the United Kingdom.

It is the submansion XXI of the northern Via Francigena, called Sce Peter Currant.

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