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Crete Senesi
Photo ©Mirella
Crete Senesi map

Crete Senesi

Cypress trees, rolling hills and village churches

A trip to the Crete Senesi has the flavour of a daydream with your feet placed firmly on the ground. The Crete Senesi is a voyage for the soul, an itinerary of discovery to be followed with the same spirit as the Grand Tour.
The area is not defined by piazzas, cathedrals or castles, but by nature, cypress trees, the smell of sheep’s-milk cheese pervading a little grocery, the relaxing warmth of spa waters, the mystical simplicity of a small Romanesque parish church.
The landscape of the Crete Senesi is a triumph of harmony, a timeless image, a picture that blends the forms of an Etruscan graffito and a sign of modern art. It is a harmony that gets you and has the power to bring your energies back into balance: emotions and sensations transform and dilate in the calm of space.