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“Leonetto Comparini” Anatomy Museum in Siena


Skeletons and scientific tools on display in the historic rooms of the 19th-century anatomy institute

The Anatomy Museum at the University of Siena is named after Leonetto Comparini, the professor who directed the Istituto di Anatomia Umana Normale for 30 years. The museum conserves preparations that are important educational tools for studying the body. Its set-up allows visitors to learn about the features of a typical institute of human anatomy in the 1800s.

The collections are on display in various rooms. In the first, dedicated to preparations preserved in formalin, there are fetuses and organs on display, along with well-preserved skeletons and some historic scientific tools. Continuing the visit, the next room is all about bones and contains a collection of skulls from the 19th century of considerable scientific value. Lastly, another room conserves some microscopes and a corridor is lined with display cases containing wax models, fetus and infant skulls and additional preparations.

SIMUS - Sistema Museale Universitario Senese
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