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Asciano countryside

Siena area

Picture postcard scenery soaked in tradition, history and must-see places

The Siena area (known as the “Terre di Siena” in Italian) is the scenic countryside surrounding Siena, which continues to entice travellers with its beauty just like the times of the Grand Tour. This land welcomes with the charm of the past, ready to wow with the wonders of wooded and clay valleys, distinctive rows of vineyards, rolling hills dotted with olive trees and centuries-old food traditions.

Siena is so astonishingly beautiful that it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Piazza del Campo, Torre del Mangia and the Cathedral are gems that leave visitors breathless. It’s a city with a strong identity, where the belonging to something greater is palpable and whose traditions are not just stories worth telling but experiences worth doing, just like the Palio, the old horse race.

Visiting the Siena area means being struck by the sheer beauty of shrines, churches and villages, as well as by streams flowing through woodland and countless trails surrounded by greenery and nature reserves, such as the ones located along the river Merse. Enjoy the silence of a relaxing spa experience at the Terme di Petriolo, in Monticiano, or at Rapolano, or the quietude of a visit to the Cistercian San Galgano Abbey, in Chiusdino, a place shrouded in mystery that elicits contemplation. There’s also Asciano, where the Monte Oliveto Maggiore Monastery is an equally spiritual destination. Medieval towns like Buonconvento and Monteroni d’Arbia stand near the rugged ravines, as well as Etruscan villages such as Murlo and Sovicille.

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Terre di Siena
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Siena area