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The thermal baths of San Giovanni in Rapolano
Photo © Ramiro Castro Xiques - Sunset Comunicazione
Photo © Ramiro Castro Xiques - Sunset Comunicazione

Hot Springs in Rapolano Terme

Enjoy a relaxing vacation in an iconic part of Tuscany

The thermal springs town Rapolano Terme lies between Arezzo and Siena. Easily reachable by a major road yet miles away from civilization – or so it would seem after a day spent in this relaxing location.
The area around Siena is famous in Italy for having a high concentration of thermal hot springs likely due to the proximity to the ancient extinct volcano of Mount Amiata. The springs at Rapolano Terme have been used since the Roman era.

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Around Rapolano

Pecorino di Pienza
Pecorino di Pienza - Credit: Dan

Due to its convenient location on the Siena-Bettolle road that runs between Siena and the A1 highway just south of Arezzo, Rapolano Terme is also an ideal stop as part of a longer day-trip from Florence, or exploration of this area. For example, spend a morning visiting Montepulciano, a town famous for its wine, the Nobile di Montepulciano. While it’s a Medieval town, it was very important during the Renaissance, and you will find evidence of this in the elegant palazzos, as well as the delicate sculpture inside the Duomo. Or take in the view from Pienza, planned in the Renaissance as an ideal city. Strolling down the main street offers enjoyment for art- and architecture-lovers but also for those whose stomach takes the lead – Pienza is home to Pecorino di Pienza, delicious sheep cheese that you can sample in various stages of ageing.

Choose your thermal establishment

Antica Querciolaia Spa in Rapolano
Antica Querciolaia Spa in Rapolano - Credit:

While some of the thermal baths in Tuscany have free open-air access, here in Rapolano Terme you can choose between two attractive thermal establishments: Antica Querciolaia and San Giovanni Terme Rapolano.

The waters of the Antica Querciolaia gush up from the subsoil from three sources at different temperatures, which range from 39-40°C to 22-25°C: the waters have high quantities of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, all ideal for treating respiratory, locomotive and cutaneous issues. Apparently, Giuseppe Garibaldi, soaking in a travertine basin that still exists today, found relief for his wounds post-battle thanks to these miraculous springs. Might it cure whatever ails you?

The thermal baths of San Giovanni are made up of sulphurous-bicarbonate-calcic waters that gush from the source at 39 degrees Celsius. The modern structure is complete with a hotel, spa and restaurant and offers a full gamut of wellness packages.

Amidst warm baths, hydro-massages and mud, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation in an iconic part of Tuscany.

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