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The blooms in Santa Luce

Between May and July each year the magic of blossoming in the Pisan hills is repeated

The intoxicating scent, the gaze that loses itself in the deep red of sulla flowers and in the deep purple of the lavender ears: in Santa Luce, from May until late July, the unique spectacle of nature being reborn is repeated.

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Field of sulla
Field of sulla

Known for its many properties and also suitable for improving soil fertility, sulla is a legume with a wide variety of uses.
Honey from sulla is especially appreciated by athletes for its concentration of mineral salts and fructose and has a very delicate taste with vegetal and fruity notes.
Maximum flowering occurs in May and lasts until June: the deep green of the countryside enhances the red purple of the fields, and the spectacle, in the hills of Santa Luce, is truly incredible.


Lavender field
Lavender field - Credit: Christian Bernardinelli

The purple and blue ears, the intense fragrance, the colorful fields suddenly appearing among the vegetation.
Lavender has been a symbol of Santa Luce and the valleys of the Pisan hills for several years.
Here, this plant with countless properties has taken the place of wheat, becoming a tourist attraction but also a great opportunity for businesses in the agricultural sector.
The beautiful flowering lavender is harvested in late July to be transformed into essential oil, but until then, you can plan a visit to see and photograph this wonderful chromatic spectacle.
The best time to see the lavender fields in bloom is from about mid-June to mid-July.

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