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From Pisa to the sea with the “Ciclopista del Trammino”

From the City of the Tower to Marina di Pisa

Pisa is very famous as a city of art, but few people know that, at a short distance from the town center, it is possible to spend a day at the seaside. The route follows the new "del Trammino" bike path from Pisa in the direction of Marina di Pisa.

It is a perfect route for families and for those who want to ride in safety and tranquility, between the countryside, the pine forest and the sea. The landscapes are incredible, such as the Mouth of the Arno River, characterized by the presence of the "scales" and "retoni" (large fishing nets placed on wooden constructions similar to stilts) and the characteristic marina. 

The Trammino bike path continues for another 2 km through the pine forest to the old train station in Marina di Pisa.

On the shoreline you can make a stop to taste some good fried seafood and enjoy an excellent ice cream.

To get to the sea we will have ridden for about 14 kilometers; the total length shown is that including a round trip.


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