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Le mura di Monteriggioni

Monteriggioni: the tower-encircled jewel near Siena

Find out what's hidden in this village remembered by Dante

Founded in around 1220, but Monteriggioni has stood the test of time, maintaining its famous city walls.


What's important is not its exterior, but its inside: the alleyways and squares that have fuelled an age-old culture, a culture that is more medieval than Renaissance, and those deep-rooted traditions are often unknown to city dwellers.


More than anything else, it's about the people, those who understand what it means to belong to a magical and moving place like Monteriggioni and the surrounding countryside.


When we went to talk to these locals, they spoke to use about the glass and mirrors made using silverplating techniques, about contemporary jewellery, the restoration of old tapestries and textiles, about dragons and wrought iron gates. They spoke with passion about their work.

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