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Photo ©Bruno Bruchi

“Monteriggioni in Arme” and the walkways on the Wall

The armour museum and the walk along the defensive walls

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A visit to Monteriggioni, the splendid village in the Province of Siena along the Via Francigena, isn’t complete without a stop at the “Monteriggioni in Arme” Museum and the walkways on the Wall, bringing visitors back in time.

The museum is home to extremely accurate reproductions of weapons and armour used during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as models that illustrate the techniques used for sieges over the centuries and a room dedicated to the history of Monteriggioni. A special treat for amour enthusiasts will surely be the area where visitors can wear samples of period armour and handle different types of weaponry.

The Walls of Monteriggioni
The Walls of Monteriggioni - Credit: Bruno Bruchi

The visit continues on the raised walkways of the fortress: a fascinating walk around the city’s defensive walls, from which the town below and the landscape extending toward the Chianti and Val d’Elsa can be admired in all their beauty.

Perched on a gentle hilltop, the 14 towers lead us into the past
Monteriggioni, whose stone halo shines from the top of a hill, is one of the most memorable towns in all of Italy. The town stands illusion-like to travellers wishing to dive into the Middle Ages and its beauty is such that Monteriggioni has played the leading role in films as well as in an episode of the popular videogame Assassin’s Creed. ...