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Apuan Alps
Photo ©Alice Russolo e Nicola Santini

Hiking in Garfagnana: Tuscan trails

Hiking through nature, history and tradition

Garfagnana Hiking Tour

Apuan Alps from Minucciano
Apuan Alps from Minucciano - Credit: verseguru

The Airone trails

Botanical Garden in Corfino
Botanical Garden in Corfino - Credit: Shutterstock / Francesco De Marco

The Moro Trails


Vie della Contessa

Verrucole Fortress
Verrucole Fortress - Credit: Shutterstock / Roberto Nencini

Campocatino Nature Track

The village of Vagli Sotto
The village of Vagli Sotto - Credit: Shutterstock.com / robertonencini

The Ariosto trail

Castelnuovo Garfagnana
Castelnuovo Garfagnana - Credit: Shutterstock / Roberto Lo Savio

The Gothic Line trails

The Gothic Line in Borgo a Mozzano
The Gothic Line in Borgo a Mozzano - Credit: Comitato Linea Gotica Borgo a Mozzano
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Trekking and Outdoor
Tuscany offers wide opportunities for open air vacations, and has one special quality: it has a fantastic environmental heritage and a strong system  continue...
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