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Chianti harvest
Photo © Toscana nel Cuore
Photo © Toscana nel Cuore

Discover 5 typical products of the Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano region

Certaldo onion, Chianti Montespertoli, truffles from Valdelsa and much more

Have you ever heard of the Certaldo onion? And truffles from Valdelsa? These are some of the typical products of the Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano region, a land of genius and great food, situated between Florence and Pisa.

If you love delicious food, come with us and try 5 typical products of the Empolese Valdelsa and Montabano region! Discover these lands and all the foodie events that take place during the year.

  • 1.
    Chianti Montespertoli
  • 2.
    Montalbano IGP extra virgin olive oil
  • 3.
    The Valdelsa white truffle
  • 4.
    The Red onion of Certaldo
  • 5.
    The Empoli artichoke

Chianti Montespertoli

Chianti Montespertoli
Chianti Montespertoli - Credit: Boccaccesca

The Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano region is a Chianti wine land thanks to the 3 different sub-zones where this wine is produced: Montespertoli, Colli Fiorentini and Montalbano. Among these, Chianti Montespertoli is certainly the best known. It's no coincidence that along the Montespertoli Wine Route, you can find the Vine and Wine Museum, a must-see for wine lovers. 

Additionally, the Mostra del Chianti (Chianti wine fair) takes place every spring. On this occasion, some of the most important Chianti producers in Tuscany present an excellent opportunity to taste both young and old wines.

Montalbano IGP extra virgin olive oil

olive harvest in Montalbano
olive harvest in Montalbano - Credit: Toscana nel cuore

Montalbano IGP extra virgin olive oil is one of the finest oil in Italy. It's produced using the following varieties of olives: Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Maurino. The olives, mostly harvested by hand, are processed according to a strict process. 

November and December are the most suitable months to travel along the “Strada del vino e dell'olio del Montalbano”, winding its way through the hills covered with olive trees and historic villages. Stop and taste the so-called “olio novo” (new extra virgin olive oil) in the various farms along the way.

The Valdelsa white truffle

white truffle of the Valdelsa
white truffle of the Valdelsa - Credit: Montaione in Tuscany

The Valdelsa region is renowned in Tuscany for some of the best truffle grounds in the region. The famous white truffle of the Valdelsa can be found in the woods surrounding the medieval village of Montaione. If you are not an expert truffle hunter but you don’t want to miss the chance to taste it, you can take part in the annual event that Montaione dedicates to the white truffle: the Tartufesta

This event takes place at the end of October and involves the whole village for two days with tastings, workshops and excursions into the woods to hunt for the "white gold".

The Red onion of Certaldo

certaldo red onion
certaldo red onion - Credit: Toscana nel Cuore

This is one of Tuscany's typical products, the symbol of an ancient countryside tradition. The red onion of Certaldo has been grown for centuries around the medieval village of Boccaccio. There are two varieties: a winter one, with a more zesty flavour, and a summer one that's also great eaten raw. 

To celebrate its history and tradition, Certaldo dedicates space to the red onion in the 'Boccaccesca' festival that takes place in October. This is an excellent opportunity to taste it in typical dishes including soups and boiled meats, while at the same time visiting the medieval village.

The Empoli artichoke

Empolese artichoke
Empolese artichoke - Credit: Vetrina Toscana

One of the best-known features of the Empoli artichoke is that it has no thorns. This vegetable has been known since the end of the 19th century and is produced in the Empoli area using the same traditional techniques.

The Empolese artichoke is harvested from April to June, and Empoli celebrates it in the same period with a fair called "Sagra del carciofo empolese". 

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