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Chianti Montespertoli Wine Trail

One of Tuscany's most renowned wine capitals

Located in the typical landscape of the Florence side of the Chianti wine-making area, Montespertoli is set only 25km far from Florence, at an altitude of 257m above sea level, and is equidistant from Siena, Pisa, Volterra and San Gimignano.
With its vineyards, its cellars and the annual Chianti Wine Festival, Montespertoli is one of the most highly characterized and renowned wine capitals in Tuscany. The area around Montespertoli is completely dedicated to grape growing, boasting ideal climatic and physical conditions. Chianti production is the primary goal of its producers and, since 1997, the specialsubzone of “Chianti Montespertoli” has obtained recognition.

Traditional products:
The traditional cuisine in Montespertoli is all about fine wine and good food. For this reason, any tour of the area, along the wine and taste trials, is a true discovery of this genuine Tuscan town. Along the taste trail, visitors make numerous stops at local wine cellars, farms and oil presses, where they produce the excellent Chianti Montespertoli and Chianti Colli FiorentiniExtra Virgin Olive Oil DOCVin Santo del Chianti and the Tuscan IGTs

This is where the skills of the artisans of yore still thrive and where the bread of these lands is still almost entirely made using the ancient methods. High quality flour, water and natural leavening make the area's bread delicious, moist and highly digestible. Bread bakers in the area produce about five tons a day, with almost all loaves, sold in the little grocery stores scattered throughout Florence and nearby towns. The valleys are scattered with white truffle, a delicate tuber that is highly sought after by connoisseurs for its excellence and quality. The white truffle is only found in environments and soil where there is no pollution. To accompany desserts, biscuits and some aged cheeses, Montespertoli offers its wonderful Vin Santo, a sweet wine with an amber colour, full of sunlit glints. It is also ideal as an aperitif when it has drier characteristics. Since 1997, it has obtained recognition as a wine of controlled origin, under the name of “Vin Santo del Chianti”, grown in from the subzone of Montespertoli.

Information and culture centres, wine bars and museums:
Montespertoli is the ideal place to discover the medieval world, thanks to its many majestic castles that surround the city and the villages of Lucardo, Botinaccio, Poppiano, Montegufoni and Sonnino, and its churches, with simple structures like the impressive church of San Piero in Mercato and San Martino, and San Giusto in Lucardo. The Museum of Religious Arts at the church of San Piero in Mercato houses some real treasures, like a "Madonna" by Fillippo Lippi, and precious vestments, silver objects and decorations. For a full-immersion in the local wine culture, the Centre for Wine Culture “I Lecci”, located amid magnificent scenery on the Via Lucardese, offers visits to the wine museum and tastings of local products. The centre has an auditorium and smaller meeting rooms in addition to the wine museum, which is the heart of the structure and which contains examples of the main product of the land. Itineraries illustrate the study and research involved in wine-making, the steps in wine production, the value of the traditions linked to the treasures of the land and its cultivation. The Lecci Enoteca is the ideal place for a unique coffee break, in a refined and elegant environment that is also suitable for work luncheons because it serves the dishes of Tuscan tradition, strictly prepared with local products and accompanied by excellent Chianti Montespertoli DOCG and the other great wines of Montespertoli’s tradition.

Here are some tourist itineraries:
The traditions of Montespertoli are all based on the belief that good food and good wine are the heart and soul of every real Tuscan town, thus a pause at any one of the many cellars, farms and oil presses in the area, is always be rewarding. Visitors can find excellent Chianti Montespertoli and Chianti Colli Fiorentini, Extra-virgin DOC and IGT Tuscan Olive Oil. There is also a place where art and history can be admired close-up, and where visitors can find some of the art-inspired surprises that Tuscany likes to bestow on its guests when they least expect them! The Museum of Religious Art, in the Church of San Piero in Mercato, contains a number of noteworthy treasures, like a "Madonna" by Filippo Lippi, as well as precious vestments, chalices, missals and wall hangings.

Info: chianti-montespertoli.it
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