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Tordelli versiliesi

Here are five famous types of pasta in Tuscany. Which one do you prefer?

Shapes and filling, top five Tuscan pasta dishes

Flavia Cori by Flavia Cori

Wide, narrow, long or short, simple or filled, with or without egg…how do you like it? Have you ever had potato tortelli, pici all'aglione or pappardelle pasta 'on the hare' ? Here are five famous types of pasta in Tuscany. Which do you prefer?

Pappardelle - Credit: Aurelio Barattini - Antica Locanda di Sesto

Large, very broad tagliatelle. A well-loved type of pasta in Tuscany Dough: flour, olive oil, water
Recommended sauce: porcini sauce, wild boar ragù, hare sauce or, as people say in Florence, 'on the hare’.
Typical of: the entire region

Pici - Credit: Flavia Cori

Pici are similar to spaghetti, although the pieces are stretched by hand and can reach three meters in length.
Dough: flour, olive oil, water
Recommended sauce: tomato and garlic sauce (called “pici all’aglione")
Typical of: Siena

Potato filled tortelli
Potato tortello with ragù
Potato tortello with ragù - Credit: Mugello Toscana

Soft, square, yellow ravioli, filled with mashed potatoes Dough: white flour, eggs and salt.
Filling: white potatoes, parsley, garlic, parmesan.
Recommended sauces: meat sauces or butter and sage.
Typical of: the Mugello area

Tordelli Versiliesi
Tordelli Versiliesi
Tordelli Versiliesi

Semi-circle shaped ravioli, filled with meat, cheese and chard.
Dough: flour, eggs, extra virgin oil, a tablespoon of milk, salt to taste Filling: parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, minced beef, minced pork; minced chard, extra virgin olive oil, bread crumbs, eggs, salt, pepper, cinnamon.
Recommended sauce: ragù or meat sauce.
Typical of: the Versilia area

Ricotta and Spinach Tortelli
Tortello Maremmano
Tortello Maremmano

Square shaped ravioli, very popular across the region. The ones from Maremma are the biggest in size.
Dough: flour, olive oil, water.
Filling: spinach, butter, fresh ricotta cheese, eggs, parmesan cheese, nutmeg.
Sauces: butter and sage or wild boar sauce.
Typical of: Maremma

It’s also possible to cook tortelli pasta without the dough, wrapping the filling in the flour and then boiling them for a few minutes. In this case, they are called  “Gnudi”, which  means 'naked' in Italian.  

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