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Land of artists and marble workers between the Apuan Alps and the sea

This appealing little town is rich in cultured and elite tourism. Pietrasanta is also known as the “little Athens” of the Versilia region thanks to the high concentration of artists that decided to put down roots there. The town also has a long standing tradition of expert marble workers, and the surrounding Apuan Alps remind us of this tradition. Visitors breathe the Michelangelo-esque air in the workshops of the town, including the Studio Cervietti on via Sant’Agostino, where you will likely encounter artists like Botero, Mitoraj and Gina Lollobrigida, who has for many years concentrated her energies on sculpting. The historic center is quite elegant and visitors find art galleries, fashionable boutiques and prestigious enotecas. Located just a few kilometres away is the Marina di Pietrasanta on the Versilia coastline.

Not to miss
Make a quick trip to Colonnata where you can sample the local lardo delicacy which recently obtained the DOP certification. Also pop over to Lucca with its elegant city center surrounded by its still intact medieval walls. Its centrally located via Fillungo and Piazza San Michele represent the most classic points of reference, but the cultured visitor won’t want to miss the opulent villas in the surrounding countryside including Villa Reale, Peci Blunt, Villa Mansi and Villa Torrigiani.

Information and helpful advice
The best time to visit Pietrasanta is summer when the art galleries and piazzas come to life and performances begin at the nearby Villa Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta. It is advisable to bring an elegant wardrobe in order to fit in with the local crowd. In Lucca, rent a bike (2.50 euro/hour) and take a spin around the walls (4km).

Contact (ITA): comune.pietrasanta.lu.it

Cover image credit: Costanza Giovannini

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