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Pietrasanta Cathedral
Photo © Al. Farese
Photo © Al. Farese

Piazza Duomo in Pietrasanta

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Historic monuments side-by-side with modern installations of contemporary art

Those who visit Pietrasanta cannot miss a pleasant walk in the Piazza Duomo. Lively, crowded with relaxed tourists and inspired artists, it is a place where, with a minimum of effort, you take in art whichever way you look.

Here the new and the classical live in harmony, each enriching the other. The cathedral, indeed, hits you with its majestic white marble, the stone that has made the fame and fortune of the place, but interesting works of contemporary art exist quite happily around this imposing structure. Modern art installations, in fact, are often held here, spread over the piazza.

A view of piazza Duomo
A view of piazza Duomo - Credit: Davide Papalini

The historical monuments that deserve a mention include the statue of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II of Lorraine, whose eyes seem to follow passers-by with a piercing gaze. It was made in the 19th century by local sculptor Vincenzo Santini, with a view to recovering certain kinds of local traditions.

On the edges of the piazza we find the Marzocco fountain, decorated with a marble bas-relief. Like the nearby column of the same name, it commemorates the passing of the city of Pietrasanta into the hands of Florence. Indeed, you only have to raise your eyes to see the symbol of the proud lion, embracing a shield decorated with a lily.

On this walk through the history that the piazza offers, we remind ourselves how time flies by coming eventually to the Torre delle Ore, the clock tower that dominates the government building.

Piazza Duomo at night
Piazza Duomo at night - Credit: Hpschaefer

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