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MuSA, The Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture


An experiential journey through material, art and storytelling in Pietrasanta

The MuSA is a space that connects art and the marble industry. It is a permanent collection with two souls: one is represented by La voce del marmo (The voice of the marble). It is an emotional story that takes us on a journey through the history of marble processing in the “Marina” of the rich literary area of Versilia, home to great writers, sculptors, decorators and painters. The exhibition includes a series of historic and contemporary images, sound clips, paintings, quotes and the works of famous poets and writers.

The video exhalts an area that has dedicated its works, creativity, craftsmanship and art to the processing of marble for centuries. At the same time, the video demonstrates the impressive technology of MuSA. It’s an exhibition space fitted with advanced equipment and multimedia systems, designed to offer a totally immersive environment. The eight large screens and the state-of-the-art sound system captivate and impress visitors with images, sounds and sensations.

The second soul is represented by Capitani Coraggiosi (Captains Courageous), a careful and studied selection of plaster works from the Museo dei Bozzetti Pierluigi Gherardi and loaned to MuSA. The selection is part of the larger project called “The widespread museum” in which the municipality of Pietrasanta search for areas that host small exhibitions on the theme, and they improve the plaster collection available.

The exhibition, whose title reflects on the contemporary, looks forward yet retains the heart of the past. It represents an occasion to tell the stories of versatile artists and brilliant sculptors who have contributed to make Pietrasanta a must for sculpture between the 19th and 20th centuries.

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