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Firenze, veduta da Fiesole
Places of worship

The Convento della Maddalena, Fiesole

Fra' Bartolomeo lived and died here, leaving behind some of his works

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This convent was originally a small hospital offering a resting place for wayfarers along the Mugnone Valley. It was acquired by Andrea di Lorenzo Cresci in 1464 who restructured it, adding a church in 1477, following a design that has been tentatively attributed to Michelozzo. In 1480 the building was ceded to the Domenican friars as a convent. The painter and friar Fra' Bartolomeo stayed here often and died here in 1517 after leaving a few of his frescoes. Most notable are the lunette of the Annunciation and the Noli me tangere in the small chapel, the painter's last known work. There is also a polychrome terracotta Nativity by Andrea della Robbia. The convent is now state property and still maintains its 15th century architecture. The lower level of the convent has been restored and is available for conventions and other events.



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Ph: +39 055 5040107 (Caldine Parish)

An ancient Etruscan city, a honeypot for art and literature lovers
Fiesole has always been a favorite destination for people seeking the classic Tuscany. While wild and neighboring the city, it also boasts an unforgettable hilltop view of Florence. Aristocratic and secluded, Fiesole is a well-kept secret. ...