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Castel Litiano
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Litiano Castle

These are the ruins of a castle in the area of Poggio Castello

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The ruins of the Litiano Castle are located in Poggio Castle, between the Castello ditch and the provincial road (not far from the Fornoli Castle). The ruins are hidden in a small oak wood that covers the hillock. The first document speaking of the castle is dated 1140 and it speaks of it in the status of “villa”, which was owned in part by the San Salvatore monastero in Giugnano. In the early-14th century, the castles and property in Fornoli and Litiano passed into the hands of the Incontri family from the Ardengheschi family. Descendents of the Incontri family later sold everything to the city of Siena. By 1438, these castles were almost entirely abandoned. Archeological studies in the Litiano Castle have revealed fragments of medieval ceramics in the castle. They also found evidence of late-Roman settlements in the surrounding area. From what can be ascertained due to the thick vegetation, the castle seems to have a rectangular design, perhaps measuring 80 x 50 meters. There may have also been a fortification wall. There were many rooms inside the castle, many of which were the homes of people living there.